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As outlined in the June 11, 2010 newsletter, the direction of the newly established committee structure is as follows:

Executive Committee: The executive steering committee is responsible to the SSRC Board of Directors of SSRC to function on behalf of the board of directors in matters of emergency and in interim periods between regularly scheduled Board meetings. The executive committee shall have and exercise the authority of the Board of Directors, provided that such authority shall not operate to circumvent the responsibility and authority vested in the Board of Directors by the SSRC’s bylaws.

Finance Committee: The finance committee is responsible to the Board of Directors of SSRC to assume the primary relationship in matters pertaining to the SSRC’s finances. This includes matters pertaining to building care and maintenance, protecting the capital investment of the SSRC in buildings and grounds, and assuring the functional utility of all areas and equipment.

Program Services & Resource Development Committee: The program services & resource development committee is responsible to the Board of Directors for the overall program emphasis of SSRC as well as matters pertaining to membership, business relations, public relations, community outreach, volunteer coordination, planned giving, and board membership in accordance with policies and practices established by the board of directors of SSRC. The committee shall develop programs and monitor program goals with the involvement of the total organization. Program services includes, but is not limited to pool operations, social events (e.g., after hours parties, etc.), swim team and concessions.

Vision Committee: The vision committee, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, will develop the five year strategic plan for SSRC.

Communications Committee: The Communications committee, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, will develop and implement websites, flyers, newsletters and other channels to communicate with members as well as the general public.